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CIMS Disclaimer

Co-operative Education and Student Employment does not pre-screen employers or endorse their products or services. Applicants for any jobs identified through job postings with Student Employment or information sessions or other career events on campus are responsible for ascertaining and verifying the terms and conditions of employment including: the nature of the work, the hours of work, work environment, duration of employment, the amount and type of remuneration (salary, hourly wage, commission or piece work), schedule of payment, benefits, reputation of the employer, and any cost to the employee associated with the employment (i.e., purchase of sales kits, equipment, travel expenses, car insurance, etc.).

Information about your rights and responsibilities as an employee is available from:

  1. The Employment Standards Branch of the Ministry of Labour
  2. The BC Council of Human Rights
  3. Canada Council Code (R.S. 1985, c. L-2)

Information about employers may be available from The Better Business Bureau at 250–386–6348. To guard against identity theft or potential discrimination, be careful about revealing any personal information beyond such things as would typically be described on your resume and do not give out personal banking or identification information.

CIMS Waiver

By using the Co-op Education job board (CIMS), you are consenting to disclosing your personal information and work term application and placement history to the Co-op and Student Employment staff. Further, you are consenting to disclosing your application and placement history to other co-op students within your program.

This information is collected by the Co-op & Student Employment department of Camosun College and will be used for tracking student application and work term placement activities. Should you have any questions about the collection and disclosure of this personal information please contact co-op@camosun.ca

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